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COVID-19 Information & Resources


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Information and Resources


We here at Monterey Peninsula Pediatric Medical Group are committed to the health of your

child. We know that our world has been turned upside down with the Coronavirus and we are

here to help you navigate this time as you seek the best care for your child.


Our office is committed to the following:


*Newborn care in our upstairs location.


*Check ups to age of 2 years to ensure proper vaccination (against illnesses that would be more devastating than Coronavirus if  
  we could not vaccinate) in our upstairs location.


*Sick visits in our downstairs location—all visits are screened prior to arrival and if needed, child will be checked in their car  
  instead of coming into the office. Coronavirus testing is available and done if needed.


*Telehealth visits for all who request—daily appointments available.


*24 hour “on call” physician (one of us) to help answer questions and guide you in seeking care for your child.


*Dedicated staff who are trained in infection control, PPE, kindness and amazing customer service.


*Office open 6 days a week (no change there—we’ve always been open 6 days a week!)


Our top pick of websites where you can find information on the Coronavirus and how navigate all the issues with life interruptions due to this virus are listed below:



Finally, remember that facts help us navigate our fears. Seek the facts, ask the questions, do the right thing. We are here to help you as best we can!