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MPPMG Happy patient for Who We Are page

"My husband and I could not be more pleased with our decision to have our infant son cared for at the Monterey Peninsula Pediatric Group. The front desk staff and nurses are friendly and very accommodating. The group has experienced and extremely understanding lactation consultants available for moms having difficulty breast feeding their little one; they helped me keep my sanity! The doctors are knowledgeable and have created an environment where parents and children are actually excited to see the doctors and staff. My son sees Dr. Jill Airola and she is amazing with him (and me)!  I'm so thankful to have a doctor that I can trust and help guide me through the uncertainties that a newborn brings."

–— Jackie Priester

"Monterey Peninsula Pediatric Medical Group (MPPMG) continues to be the best medical support our family has ever received.  After years of searching for quality medical care, we feel blessed to have found this wonderful clinic.  The doctors and practitioners are highly professional, courteous and responsive.  The staff is friendly, cooperative and proactive.  Perhaps most impressive is the availability of on-call doctors, which is especially helpful for new parents who constantly worry over even the slightest changes in their baby's health.


Since being a newborn, our daughter has seen Dr. Jill Airola and we have been completely satisfied with her proficiency, attention to detail and high degree of care and understanding.  Our son has seen both Drs. Rosen and LaMothe on several occasions, and we are similarly impressed with both their knowledge and supportiveness.  It is difficult to find such a well-balanced approach to medical service, combining both professional acumen with honest, from-the-heart care and consideration.  The doctors and staff at MPPMG excel in every respect, and we are continually impressed and grateful for their service.


We whole-heartedly recommend MPPMG to every prospective client.  Our only wish is that they offered client services for adults as well!"


–— AJ

“We love Dr. LaMothe!!  Both my boys have been seeing him for the past 14 years and we always leave with a smile on our faces!  We’ve noticed he likes to match his socks to his bow tie—quite the snappy dresser!”

Dr. Lamothe
Dr. Rosen

“Dr. Rosen is the best pediatrician in town!  He goes above and beyond to help and has called us back after researching various treatment options when we have shown up with something unusual—it makes me feel good to know his experience (30 years and counting) and his brain power combine to give my children the best care possible!  Thank you, Dr. Rosen!”

“Dr. Josephson is one of the sweetest doctors I have ever met!  She has a gentle and kind approach with my children and makes them feel calm during the visit.  They no longer scream and try to escape as soon as we get to the office which makes going to the pediatrician a treat!"

Dr. Lamothe in matching Tutu & bowtie!

Dr. Rosen with “thirst aid” at the hospital.

Dr. Josephson 

“The new pediatrician, Dr. Pack, is pretty amazing—he is very thorough with his explanations and follows up with phone calls to make sure my children are doing better.  I feel his bedside manner is wonderful and my kids ask if we can "go see Dr. Pack" even when they aren’t sick!"

Dr. Pack

Dr. Pack in his bicycling gear—ready for action!

Dr. Josephson ready for rain with her matching umbrella.

Dr. Airola rounding at the hospital, CHOMP

"I am a military wife. My son was born at CHOMP three weeks before my family had to move to our next duty station in Texas. I thought having a pediatrician for the three weeks before the move was not going to be a big deal, so I left it up to chance and decided beforehand to just stick with the on-call pediatrician during the birth of our son. Thank goodness Dr. Pack was the on call doctor! I was so pleased with his demeanor, compassion and professionalism at the hospital! All of those characteristics brought me to MPPMG, and experiencing those same characteristics from every staff member I encountered is what kept me there! All of the receptionist were always so warm and inviting during each appointment. I have never in my life met a sweeter lady than Carol, the lactation consultant. Carol and Dr. Pack were absolute heroes. They were both bound and determined to give me all of the support, resources, and mostly confidence necessary to travel successfully across country with a newborn.


As soon as we arrived at our next duty station, my newborn had a health concern, but I had yet to set up a pediatrician appointment. Dr. Pack and the wonderful staff helped me all of the way across the country because of how much they care. It meant so much to have that sort of support, especially as a traveling military wife and a new mom dealing with such a stressful situation. I cannot thank MPPMG enough!."

–— Jessica Miller

Dr. Rosen